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Who Fills the Seat?

By Amanda Ebersole – With the sudden and shocking news that Tony Stewart is sidelined the question now becomes, “who fills his seat?”

Truthfully, no one can fill Tony’s seat and drive like he would. The summer months are notorious to be his “hot” streak.

Who is available to fill his seat in the Sprint Cup Series garage? Not really anyone. 

Looking at the available drivers, I believe that Stewart-Haas Racing should look to the Nationwide Series talent pool. If you want to keep it in the Chevy family here is my list of who Tony and his team should be looking at:

Nelson Piquet, Jr. – Winner of the 2012 Nationwide Series race at Road America, Piquet has road course experience. If we are talking beyond Watkins Glen, see the next few options.

Regan Smith – In terms of experience in the Cup Series, Regan clearly has the upper hand on knowing how to bring a car home in one piece but his finishes are less than impressive for a team used to top 10s.

Justin Allgaier – The rumor persists that Allgaier is going Cup racing next season with Brandt and Turner Scott Motorsports. Why not use this time as a “test” for another Chevrolet team and give Allgaier a boost on 2014? (No pun intended!)

Kyle Larson – While Larson may be a long shot because of his inexperience, Tony may have a soft spot for Larson because they have similar backgrounds. Both Larson and Stewart will race anything and everything and will leave a NASCAR race just to head to another series.

If you were making the decision for Stewart, who would you pick to fill the 14 seat while Tony is on R&R eating some soda cookies?

UPDATE: Max Papis was chosen for this weekend’s race at Watkins Glen. Who will be chosen next week and for the remainder of the races? See above!

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