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Vettel Next Driver to Secure F1 Future

Another vacant seat on the Formula 1 grid has been taken from the market, as Ferrari completes their lineup for 2018.

Four-time champion – and 2017 title fighter – Sebastian Vettel has agreed to a new three-year contract to stay at the Scuderia until the end of 2020.

This comes just days after the news of Kimi Raikkonen continuing for 2018.

Vettel has been at Ferrari since 2015, winning seven races and taking three pole positions. It will be his longest period at a team, equaling the six years he spent at Red Bull from 2009 to 2014.

He is set to surpass 250 Grand Prix starts in the sport if he completes the duration of his deal.

Possible Repercussions?

This announcement could be the development that slows down the market for 2018 and future years in the fight for the drivers’ championship.

Ferrari has only used two world champions in their lineup this century between 2014 and 2017 and has not partnered two competitors who are multiple title-holders.

After years of rumors over whether he may one day be with the Italians, it may mean that Lewis Hamilton stays at Mercedes – or joins another team who are not yet at the front – if he continues fighting for wins in F1 until 2020 and beyond, with a seat at Red Bull unimaginable.

It also potentially delays a graduation for others on the grid or any of its Academy racers and allows a possible strong line-up of third drivers – with Antonio Giovinazzi waiting for a chance, Charles Leclerc leading the F2 championship and probably not returning to the series in 2018, and Giuliano Alesi winning races in GP3.


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By Cameron Paterson

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