Travis Pastrana Leaving NASCAR After Season

By Matt Weaver — Due to the lack of required sponsorship, Travis Pastrana will step away from NASCAR at the end of the season.

“I would like to thank (everyone at Roush-Fenway Racing) and all of the other people who stuck behind me during the last two years as I tried to learn how to make a successful career in NASCAR,” Pastrana announced on his Facebook page. “It’s tough to step back now and prove the critics were right but unfortunately my results were not good enough to get the sponsors I needed to appropriately fund next season.”

Pastrana, who is an accomplished Rally driver and X-Games star, says that any potential funding was dependent on his on-track results and that he wasn’t able to adjust to the style of NASCAR racing as quick as he had hoped.

“I hate to quit and I hate to fail, but sometimes things work out as they should,” Pastrana added. “I’ve never been able to figure out the finesse required in pavement racing and that is disappointing, but I’m looking forward to driving more Rally and racing more off-road trucks and there will be some announcements on those fronts shortly.”

Pastrana had hinted that his time in NASCAR may be limited during an exclusive interview with Popular Speed in September at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Pastrana said that if he didn’t start scoring better results in the final third of the season, it may be a sign that he didn’t belong in the sport in the first place.

“Yeah, I figure if I’m not good enough to get the financing, this probably isn’t the sport for me — but I think it is,” Pastrana said in September.

Pastrana added at the time that he enjoyed the physical nature of NASCAR and that he really felt he was starting to make progress in the sport, especially on the high-banked intermediate tracks that make up the bulk of the schedule.

The 29-year-old made his debut last season, making select starts in Nationwide and the Camping World Truck Series.

His first full-time season has been met with mixed results. In 32 races, he has only four top-10s but none since Indianapolis in July, with an average finish of 21.4. He is currently 14th in the Nationwide championship standings.

With his NASCAR career soon coming to an end, Pastrana says he is looking forward to spending more time with his family, and supporting his wife, Lyn-z as she resumes her career as a professional skater.

“My wife, Lyn-z has been more than supportive if my foray into NASCAR, often times being my buggest source of encouragement and support,” Pastrana added on his Facebook page. “But as my wife had to take a step back from being a professional skater to let me chase my goals in racing, I too need to take a step back and look at my situation as a father and husband.”

Pastrana was sponsored this season by Red Bull and the DC Shoe Company, despite both organizations not wanting to appear on his No. 60 Ford.

By Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver is the Executive Editor of POPULAR SPEED. He has covered NASCAR since 2011 and full-time since 2013. Weaver grew up in the sport, having raced himself before becoming a reporter in college at the University of South Alabama. He has been published all across the country and routinely makes radio appearances on Sirius XM Satellite radio and NBC Sports Radio Network.

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