Tony and Rico and Their Tractor

If you missed the Eldora truck race, you missed not only a thrilling dirt race but also the incredible sight of @TonyStewart and @Rico_Abreu riding around on a tractor prepping and maintaining the racing surface.

Which, naturally, got me to thinking: What if Tony and Rico had a show about riding around on a tractor? What would it be like? Well, maybe something like this.

  1. A pregnant woman has crashed her car into a ditch. Tony and Rico pull her out with their tractor and deliver the baby. That could be an episode.
  1. Maybe a Wall Street swindler is hiding in a small town, and Tony and Rico expose him and return everybody’s stolen money with their tractor. That’s an episode.
  1. Jimmie Johnson, envious of Tony and Rico, buys a tractor, but gets himself into trouble. Maybe he drives it into a lake. Tony and Rico rescue him, and he discovers it’s just not the life for him. Boom! Episode.
  1. Mike Harmon falls down a well (it’s a really big well). Tony and Rico pull him out with their tractor. Then he steals something of theirs. Then he has a recurring role as their criminal nemesis.
  1. A farmer’s tractor breaks down, and Tony and Rico put his crop in with their tractor, thus saving his farm from being foreclosed on. Rico falls in love with the farmer’s daughter. This is a two-part episode.
  1. A Scooby Doo/Tony and Rico team-up episode.
  1. A special 2-hour Christmas episode in which Tony and Rico drag a Christmas tree from Washington state to a Florida orphanage, nearly freezing to death on the way so that the orphans can have a Merry Christmas. Tony and Rico exchange gifts. Tractor cuff links and a tractor tie clip.
  1. Tony starts drinking and gives up the tractor life. Rico crashes the tractor into a bar to save Tony.  But he’s too late. The kindly old bartender, who once lived the tractor life himself, has already saved Tony. Rico has to pay for the damages.
  1. When a local television station gives Tony all the credit for a rescue, and doesn’t even mention Rico or the tractor, Rico strikes out on his own, trying to save people with an old bulldozer. But when he tries to help an elderly couple remodel their home, but then accidentally collapses the house on the couple and himself, and has to be rescued by Tony, they both rediscover the true meaning of two guys riding around on a tractor helping people.
  1. The season finale cliffhanger episode. Tony and Rico have forgotten to make a few payments on the tractor and it’s been repossessed. As they work on the railroad and contemplate becoming hobos, a mine explodes, trapping @DaleJr inside. Will they be able to get the tractor out of hock in time?



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