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Ten Secrets Better-Kept than Kurt Busch’s Move to Stewart-Haas Racing

If you have been sleeping under a rock, congratulations. It’s tough to sleep under a rock. Believe me, I have tried. In fact, Michael Waltrip posted photographic evidence of it earlier this very day.

But as many people who sleep under a rock aren’t the most technologically savvy, you might need to be updated on the Kurt Busch to Stewart-Haas Racing news. Yes, today’s announcement was a bombshell to everyone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter.

Here are some other major NASCAR stories that were kept secret for longer than this story was:

10. Tony Stewart is now co-owner of Haas CNC Racing, and the team, apparently, will be renamed Stewart-Haas Racing.

9. Stewart also likes to race sprint cars, despite the possibility he could get injured doing it.

8. Lee Spencer did some digging and found out the sun actually rises in the east. Not really NASCAR related, but she covers NASCAR so it’s all good.

7. Brian France is considering a new 10-race “playoff” to determine the Sprint Cup Series champion.

6. Chip Andretti isn’t the only writing primate accreditted by NASCAR.

5. Jim Utter actually has a great sense of humor and runs several of the funniest parody accounts on Twitter, including @jim_utter, a fantastic parody of a NASCAR journalist.

4. Furniture Row Racing is actually based in Denver, Colorado and not Denver, North Carolina.

3. Just like Gene Haas, Bruton Smith has a lot of money. And occasionally, he will remind people who work for him that he is, in fact, a lot richer than they are.

2. Apparently, Brad Keselowski was absoloutely smashed when he was interviewed on ESPN following the Homestead race last year. This is one of those things that people speak about in hushed tones in private, but never out in the open.

1. The headlights on NASCAR racecars aren’t real.

There you have it. Some of the most closely guarded secrets in all of NASCAR. Well, they used to be.

Okay, I have to get back to work. Helton is coming to the R&D Center and has paid me top dollar to guard his parking spot.

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