Talladega By The Numbers

By Kevin Alford – Talladega produced a lot of head-spinning numbers. Let’s break it down.

0 – Wins @MattKenseth still has.

0 – @RyanJNewman, too.

1 – Position @JimmieJohnson lost to @DanicaPatrick on the track, at full speed, each having plenty of gas, and no rain in the forecast.

2 – Seconds it takes to realize Redds Apple Ale tastes like kerosine and you need to spit it out … on national television.

5 – @ChaseElliott‘s new Cup car number next year.

5 – @KaseyKahne‘s old Cup car number next year.

10 – Drivers in the race who didn’t deserve to be in the race.

42 – Drivers jealous of Brad @Keselowski‘s success. According to a ranting Roger Penske.

46-50 Where Ricky @StenhouseJr qualified.

100 – Drivers and crew chiefs combined who didn’t understand the qualifying format.

1,000,000 – Junior Nation members who’d like to punch @GBiffle.*

*This figure might be on the low side.



By Popular Speed

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