LP Dumoulin Claims Emotional GP3R Victory

Trois-Rivières, Que – There’s no telling when the party will end in Trois Rivieres tonight.

In the 50th running of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, and the 50th year of Dumoulin family racing, hometown hero LP Dumoulin grabbed perhaps the biggest win of his career.  To make it even sweeter, he was surrounded by his family from start to finish.

Prior to the race, family patriarch Richard Dumoulin paced the field in the car he raced during the first GP3R. JF Dumoulin finished third, joining LP on the podium for the first time in their NASCAR Pinty’s Series career.

“There’s no way to describe the feeling,” LP Dumoulin said. “I’m on the podium with my brother JF in front of all our family and friends.”

Dumoulin’s No.47 Weathertech Canada/Bellemare Dodge was locked in a fierce late race battle with Alex Tagliani with the laps winding down. The two-time champion needed help, and it came when T.J. Rinomato spun with five laps to go, causing Tagliani to run wide and allowing Dumoulin to steal the lead.

“It’s perfect. My team has worked so hard to give me a great car all season long and we proved once again that we are capable of winning on both ovals and road courses,” LP Dumoulin said. “In the end, we caught a little bit of traffic and that helped me pass Tagliani, we set some quick laps and we won.”

It was the second win for Dumoulin at his home track, and ninth of his career.

Tagliani who was in prime position to score his third straight at GP3R win, finished second. The Lachanaie, Quebec driver took the lead on Lap 20 after Andrew Ranger came down to pit. Tagliani would go on to lead 25 laps en-route to his second podium of the season.

“It was a great finish for our sponsors,” Tagliani said. “Unfortunately, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was a spin and we took evasive action through the marbles and second place was able to take advantage of it.”

The elder Dumoulin, JF, mounted a hard charge late in the race to catch the leaders. JF’s No.04 Spectra Premium Dodge, shifted to a part-time schedule in 2019, but had this race circled on his calendar. In the end, the Trois-Rivères, Quebec driver would ultimately tie his best career finish in third and scoring his third career podium in the process.

“It’s awesome. It’s our first podium at Trois-Rivières in the Pinty’s Series,” he said. “I’ve been fourth a lot of times, so I’m really excited to be up on the podium with my brother. It’s a great day for us and our sponsors.”

Kevin Lacroix came into Les 50 Tours Hotel Le Concorde trailing Ranger by 18 points. Lacroix started from the outside of the front row and would lead the first 15 laps, before being hit with a penalty after taking his fuel can out of the pit box. Lacroix’s N0. 74 would eventually fight his way all the way up to fourth. D.J. Kennington completed the top five finishers.

Jason Hathaway and Raphael Lessard were sixth and seventh respectively.

After leading four laps, Ranger would end up finishing eighth. Ranger will now carry a 14-point lead over Lacroix heading into Riverside next week.

Simon Dion-Viens and Donald Theetge rounded out the rest of the top-10 finishers.

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series will now continue on their run of three races in three weeks this August. The Series will be back in action next Saturday, August 17 for the Bumper to Bumper 300 at Riverside Speedway before finishing the month off at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

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L.P. Dumoulin Overcomes Engine Issues in Toronto

TORONTO, Ontario — Despite picking up on an engine issue in the early stages of the Pinty’s Grand Prix, L.P. Dumoulin was still able to leave Exhibition Place with a podium finish.

“Super happy with my WeatherTech and Bellemare team,” he told POPULAR SPEED. “I think we had a tough race. We had engine problems at the beginning of the race. The team didn’t have any control on it, but they diagnosed it pretty quick and they told me it wouldn’t get better or worse, but we’d have to deal with it.

“We fought with it the whole race, but the car was so fast in the technical parts, which was awesome for us. A third for us is like a win this weekend. It’s really positive for the future, because we know we improved a lot, and that means the rest of this season will be more interesting.”

Although the third-place finish was nice for Dumoulin, he feels if they hadn’t ran into the mechanical issues, they had a good enough car to beat Alex Tagliani for the win.

“It’s happened a couple times since the beginning of the season,” he added. “But again, I’m really feeling positive about the rest of the season.”

The third-place finish allows Dumoulin to rank fourth in the standings, 22 points behind Andrew Ranger for the top spot as the series heads west to Wyant Group Raceway and Edmonton International Raceway.

The next stretch has Dumoulin excited, as he loves both of the short tracks out there, including a win in Edmonton last season. Then to follow it up with his home town event with the Three Rivers, Quebec road course, and you could have the perfect storm brewing.



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“They Said What?” Memorable Quotes – 2016 Pinty’s Series

We may have turned a page on the calendar and entered the year 2017, but that doesn’t mean we’re quite ready to leave 2016 behind yet. Even if we were, there’s still four months left till the start of the next season for the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

So to help pass the time, here are some memorable quotes that drivers said to me throughout the 2016 season.


“Our goals are very simple. These guys will be house hold names in the next four to five years. We’re going to make them that way. I am tired as a fan of racing to mention names like Scott Steckly, Mark Dilley and not be recognized. We got great talent up here, but nobody knows about it.”

Pinty’s Director of Marketing and Research Tony Spiteri on what Pinty’s plans to do with their NASCAR Sponsorship


“It’s awesome. I didn’t think it could happen in the first year, but to be here and named the champion is pretty cool. I didn’t think I would do this in my rookie guy, racing guys like Andrew Ranger and D.J. Kennington who have championships and be as consistent as we were. I definitely didn’t think I’d be doing it at this level with the caliber of talent.”

Cayden Lapcevich on winning the championship in his rookie season. 


“We made a plan on the way here to get a win – I didn’t want to go out wrecking. I got the job done, so I kept the wife happy.”

Jason Hathaway on winning at Kawartha Speedway in his last NASCAR start as a full-time driver. 


“Third place run for Larry Jackson at this track is a win. To finally be in a car that turns and runs well and have my family and old friends and crew here – it’s awesome.”

Larry Jackson on finishing third in the Leland Industries 300 at Sunset Speedway. 


“If you know Alex Tagliani, there’s a lot less chance you’ll feed me nuts because everybody knows I have an allergy. But if you hide it and come talk to me, spend time with me and don’t know, maybe you’ll feed me a meal that has nuts. There’s no chance this meal has nuts because if they know me, they know I have an allergy. But if you hide it, the risk elevates. My message is to more make kids feel they can live well with it, you need to be comfortable with it and not embarrassed, and always used the safe way. I mean, would you jump in my car without the seat belt on and no helmet? I’ll drive that fast, but with a helmet. That’s the comparison that we’re making to them and hopefully get to something.”

Alex Tagliani speaking about why he is spreading awareness about allergies and encouraging those with allergies to always carry their EpiPen with them.


“I am always stressed when I am traffic and the only way to be calm is to be leading and seeing nothing ahead of me. That’s always what I want to do, and I want to control the pace of the race, and that’s what I did in each race that I won and that’s what I want to do this year.”

Kevin Lacroix on his goals entering the 2016 season.


“We’re just going to keep building on the team as it’s a new team this year. As a new team we faced a lot of challenge, but the season is like a race. You have to finish to strong. We have two races to go – two ovals – and our oval program is doing really well so we want to go win those two races.”

L.P. Dumoulin on his goals with two races remaining in the season following a top-five at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.


“It was pretty intense. I passed him on the inside initially, and then he gave me the bumper to get me outside and got back inside of me. I was on the outside for the last 25 laps, at least, and it was pretty good. Every time I thought I was clear, he was there again. He gave me a good run at the end. It was good hard racing.”

Alex Labbe on the battle back and forth with Cayden Lapcevich for the win at Autodrome Chaudiere. 


“I couldn’t be happier. We started the season out with no funding, so we were only going to run a couple of races. He ran so good, and some money came in, and he ran good again, and a bit more money came in. Cayden really rose to the occasion. As a father, I’m really proud. As a crew chief, I couldn’t ask for more out of him. Everything was against him, and he rose to the occasion. He’s done it before – in super stock, he had to win the race to win the championship, and he won the race. It’s great. So I couldn’t be happier.”

Jeff Lapcevich‘s thoughts at Kawartha Speedway after Cayden won the championship. 


“It’s been years to figure out and now I’m starting to finally get there. We’ll adjust a little bit more and get the car where I need to so I can run the same times that they’re running. Then it’s left up to the driver. So struggling a little on the set-up, but we’re a lot stronger than we were.”

Kerry Micks following a top-five finish on the streets of Toronto.


“Joey McColm has really taken this team to another level. He’s so motivated, active in the racing world and we have a plan that is going to attract drivers. The series is growing, and we’re also growing in the Trans-Am Series, as well. It’s definitely in developing stages and we have a lot more cars, a lot more drivers, and a lot more interest in what he does. It’s a bright future.”

Kevin Poitras on how much Joey McColm has contributed to the growth of Canada’s Best Racing Team. 


“Just being on these streets is cool because I went to school at Ryerson. I was on these streets for a lot of time and to go up the Lakeshore and through all of Exhibition Place/CNE Grounds, it’s like no other place that we go to. Plus, it’s Toronto so the hype is massive.”

Joey McColm on the Pinty’s Series returning to the streets of Toronto. 


“It’s fun to be in the series. I’ve driven other series in the past few years, and just to be in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series – it’s so competitive. To see guys like Kevin Lacroix and Alex Labbe, it’s a lot of pleasure to me as a driver. To see a guy like Mark Dilley or Kerry Micks, it’s fun. They’re a really good driver, too. It’s weird to say that I am a veteran, but I’m still young, I think.”

Andrew Ranger on racing in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.



The thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of, its owners, management or other contributors. Any links contained in this article should not be considered an endorsement.