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New Hampshire Winner Kenseth Fails Inspection

After winning Sunday’s New Hampshire 301, Matt Kenseth’s No. 20 Toyota failed post-race inspection at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

According to NASCAR, Kenseth’s car failed the laser inspection station and will be taken to the NASCAR R&D Center in Concord, North Carolina for further inspection. Runner-up finisher Tony Stewart’s car passed the LIS platform after the race and will also be taken to the R&D center for evaluation, which is standard protocol.

Sunday’s win was Kenseth’s second victory of the season and third career win at New Hampshire.

Typically, the penalty for failing LIS has been 15 points and a fine for the crew chief. Kasey Kahne’s No. 5 failed after the Dover race, and Kyle Larson’s No. 42 was penalized after last month’s race at Michigan.


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Ross Kenseth Taking Methodical Approach Toward Future

FREMONT, Ind. — Ross Kenseth is only 20-years-old, something onlookers tend to forget when looking to rush him along to NASCAR. Kenseth has been winning races and championships in the Late Model ranks for so long now that he is seemingly expected to arrive in the Truck or Nationwide Series at any moment.

But Kenseth, the son of Matt, has been taking a more methodical approach in recent years, completing college courses at Clemson University while honing his skills in the Generation 3 Motorsports Late Model. While he often says that he would run in NASCAR right now if given the opportunity, getting his degree is equally important while he waits for his chance.

Kenseth is a sophomore in the University’s mechanical engineering program.

On the track, Kenseth continues to stockpile wins, including another one on Friday night in the ARCA CRA Super Series at Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis. So with all of the success he has experienced, plus his championship pedigree, why hasn’t he competed in NASCAR yet?

“We’re still looking for sponsorship,” Kenseth told Popular Speed in victory lane on Friday night. “We have some great sponsors in Blain’s Farm & Fleet, Enterprise and Boyne but it just takes a lot to go out there and move up. So we have a full year of late model races yet so that should be a lot of fun.”

Kenseth added off-camera that he has never set a timetable to get to NASCAR but that getting an opportunity in quality equipment in a premier NASCAR division is something that he has looked forward to for quite a while.

But the quality ‘equipment part’ is one of the keys.

Kenseth said that once he gets the right partners in place, he wants to make sure that it is equipment that he can win in.

“Hopefully, we’ll go out there and win a bunch of these remaining Late Model races this year and we’ll steal someone’s attention into giving me a chance,” he said.

Video of the Popular Speed Victory Lane interview, with Kenseth, can be found here. Vines of his victory celebrations can be found here and here. Are you keeping tabs on the Ross Kenseth? Tell us in the comments section of our Facebook page.