NASCAR Announces Enhancements to Mudsummer Classic

By Chris Owens – Following a successful first running in 2013, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will invade the Eldora Speedway for the second time in just over a month.

Today, NASCAR announced changes to the format for the event to enchance the running of the second annual Mudsummer Classic at the Rosburg, OH track.

The event will remain a 150-lap race with the event being broken into three segments. The first segment will be 60 laps, followed by a 50 lap run. To close the race, drivers will run a 40 lap segment. Cautions will count in all segments, but will not count during the competition caution in between segments.

New for this year, teams will no longer be required to pit during the competition cautions between segment, whereas last year teams were required to come down pit road. Positions can also not be improved on pit road during the competition caution.

To get into the show, teams will still run a two laps in single car qualifying. Instead of practice times determining the qualifying order, the random draw will return to dictate the qualifying order. Each team will then be classified into one of five heat races. Heat races in 2013 were eight laps, in 2014 they’ll now be 10.

“Last year’s inaugural event at Eldora Speedway was an incredible success, and these enhancements will only increase the excitement for our fans,” said Chad Little, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series managing director.

“NASCAR continually works with team owners and drivers to ensure that NASCAR fans get what they’ve come to expect out of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – close, thrilling racing, every single lap.”

Like last year, the top-20 in owners points will be locked into the starting field. The top-25 starting positions will be locked in following the five heat races, with positions 26 to 29 coming from the Last Chance race.

The final position will be given to the most recent series champion not already in the field. If the position isn’t used by the most recent champion, it will be given to the next highest finishing truck of the Last Chance Race.

Owners points will also be given to the first five trucks who didn’t transfer to the feature from the Last Chance Race.

The Mudsummer Classic takes place on July 23rd from the Eldora Speedway in Rosburg, Ohio. The event will be shown live on FOX Sports 1.



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