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McDowell Satisfied with his DAYTONA 500 Top-Five Finish

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Michael McDowell was able to earn a top five finish at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday in the DAYTONA 500. McDowell, who started 34th, was able to survive multiple wrecks to position himself to contend for the victory.

The Arizona native only had one top 10 last season and has already matched it after Sunday afternoon’s race for this campaign. McDowell felt like he could have taken the victory but lacked speed and help.

“There’s always something you can do differently, you know we just didn’t have the outright speed to break the plane of the 18 or the 11,” McDowell told POPULAR SPEED. “We were trying like heck but so was everybody else, so when the 18 shot to the outside there he had a big run with a lot of momentum and I tried to go with him to hope that the 18 and 11 would get together so I can maybe sneak a win out of it.”

This is a boost of momentum for his team, especially since they’re not the best funded organization.

“For a small team its awesome, no doubt about it, I’d be lying to you guys if I was over the moon excited,” McDowell said. “I’ve been in the Cup series for over 10 years now, I have one goal, and that one goal is to get a win. I was close to getting their tonight, or at least had a shot at it and wasn’t able to get it done at the end so I’m happy with the finish. I’m proud of the team but that wasn’t the goal.”

Next week as we head to Atlanta Motor Speedway, the new rules package will be in place and we are still unsure on what to expect. We might see smaller teams start to come up and compete with bigger teams. This creates excitement for McDowell as we move towards Atlanta.

“Atlanta is brand new for everybody it a new rule package, who knows it could be like Daytona and Talladega and if it is I’ll do really well because these are two of my best tracks, but Atlanta will be a fresh start for everybody and we’ll see who’s got the speed and how the cars race, and we move on from there,” McDowell said.

McDowell is content with his top five at Daytona, but a win is something that he really wants to achieve soon especially since he’s been in the series for over 10 years.

“I’m really proud of everybody, the Love’s Travel Stop Ford Mustang was fast. We would have loved to pull into victory lane but a top five is great.”


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By Bryan Rivero

Bryan Rivero is a senior at Florida International University school of Communications and Journalism with a focus in Broadcast Media. He currently resides in Miami, FL where he has lived his whole life. In addition to POPULAR SPEED, Rivero is a marketing intern for the Florida Panther’s Hockey Club.