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Formula One Power Rankings: Bahrain

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Throughout the season, POPULAR SPEED will rank the top-10 drivers in Formula 1 following each event. Feel free to comment on the story at the POPULAR SPEED Facebook page.

Team Rankings

2017 Constructor’s Championship After Bahrain

  1. Ferrari (+1)
  2. Mercedes (-1)
  3. Red Bull (NC)
  4. Force India (+1)
  5. Williams (+1)
  6. Toro Rosso (-2)
  7. Haas (NC)
  8. Renault (NC)
  9. Sauber (NC)
  10. McLaren (NC)

So, a few changes after Bahrain. We have three tiers right now in Formula One. At the bottom are two teams yet to score any points: Sauber and McLaren. In the middle of this sandwich are five teams that have scored points: Toro Rosso, Force India, Williams, Renault, and Haas. These teams are unlikely to win any races unless something catastrophic happens to the top three. Force India and Williams move up one place each while Toro Rosso goes down two. On the top of the heap are Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. Red Bull could win in 2017, but right now the Scuderia Ferrari and the Silver Arrows of Mercedes are switching the team rankings back and forth. 


Driver Rankings After Bahrain

1. Lewis Hamilton: Although second in points, Hamilton could easily change this, and he has not finished lower than the runner-up spot so he remains numero uno in our rankings.     

2. Sebastian Vettel: He won in Bahrain, but a lot of that was luck and happenstance. We need more dominant performances to move Vettel up.

3. Valtteri Bottas (+2) earned his first pole in Bahrain. He also drove a strong race for Mercedes. Good job.

4. Max Verstappen (-1): His DNF in Bahrain due to brake failure was not his fault. So, the drop in rankings is more due to Bottas driving better than he is driving worse.

5. Kimi Raikkonen is driving like it’s the twilight of his career and that may be. The better Vettel does, the more it is making a case for Ferrari to find someone younger and hungrier to be his teammate. Ouch.

6. Daniel Riccardo moves up from seventh, strictly due to his sixth-place in the driver points.

7. Sergio Perez (+1) is consistency scoring points makes us wish we could move him up more. 

8. Felipe Massa (+1) rocked a sixth-place finish at Bahrain and is currently seventh in driver points.

9. Carlos Sainz drops from fifth-ranked down to ninth due to going pointless for the last two races.

10 (tie). The two Haas drivers, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, both have four championship points, tying them for 10th in the rankings.


We will resume the rankings in two weeks, after the Russian Grand Prix.

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By Lisa Davidson

Lisa Davidson is a graduate of the University of Arizona and spent her corporate career as a Controller. She is a lifelong writer who has been covering open wheel racing since 2000 and is the author of historical articles and co-author of one book She and her husband, photographer Jeff Davidson, have two daughters and make their home in Murrieta, CA.