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Ferrari Releases SF70-H Machine

The car displays keep on coming as Ferrari became the fifth team to release details of their 2017 car.

Ferrari released the SF70-H car which will take to the track during the 2017 Formula 1 season. It is a change in its recent naming scheme which has incorporated the year of the season with the car, such as the SF15-T or SF16-H machines.

It is not publicly known why the year has been skipped, although 17 is the retired racing number of the late Jules Bianchi, who had worked with the team during his career. A rumor from a now-deleted tweet from sponsors Santander previously hinted that their car name could feature a tribute to Bianchi, potentially being called the SF17-JB.

Their design features a predominantly red car with a white lower rear wing and white shark fin placed on their engine cover, a now-common feature of F1 cars. The most striking and unique part of the design is their smaller sidepod air intakes which appear higher up the sides of the car than their rivals.

Other parts of their car seem to be tried and tested in the sport, including sticking with their ‘puzzle’ or ‘thumb’-shaped nose design that every team is currently using on their 2017 models apart from Mercedes.

The look of their drivers has also changed, with a significantly less amount of white displayed on the suits of race drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.

This is the first car created under the leadership of chief technical officer Mattia Binotto after now-Mercedes engineer James Allison left the team in July last year.

Pressure will be on the Italian team this year as the 2016 season was just the second time in 23 years in which the team failed to win a race throughout the year. They have not failed to win a race in two straight years since tough seasons in 1991 and ’92.


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By Cameron Paterson

Cameron Paterson has been a watcher of Formula 1 since 2007, a casual television watch evolved to watching and reading anything related to something with wheels and an engine. A fan of writing, it was a no-brainer about what to do to try and get into motorsport, consistently discussing things about this great sport since 2016.