Daytona 500: By the Numbers

The checkered flag has waved, a winner has been declared, and the fans have complained! The 2015 Daytona 500 is in the books, so the only thing left to do is get behind the numbers.

9 – Tweets it took for @Justin_Allgaier to explain why he ran over @TyDillon.

2 – Days it’s taken so far for Dillon to accept this explanation.*

52 – Random number.

3,123,657- Fans pissed at that last caution.

2 – Fans okay with that last caution.**

78 – Martin Truex’s car number.

10 – Greg @Biffle‘s finishing spot.***

Every! Inches of wall around Daytona International Speedway Joie Chitwood promised to cover with SAFER barrier.

0 – Times @DanicaPatrick and @JeffGordonWeb have faced @Matt_Crafton in the Daytona 500 and beaten him.

362 – Days till next Daytona 500!

*This number is expected to rise.

**Me and @JoeyLogano

***I know. I’m as shocked as you.


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Did you see the race? I was there with my eyes on the 51 the whole time. Dillon shoved Allgaier into the wall, not the other way around. Justin even had the class not to name names in his tweet about it. I heard it as it happened on the scanner and he did name names to his spotter.

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