CALINOFF: Will Kyle Busch Be the Best Ever?

That subject is perpetually up for debate but, we’ve got a good bit of time to figure it out. I mean, just because a guy comes back from an injury, then charged with having to dig out of a huge points deficit and wins four out of his last five races doesn’t mean that he’s the next _______________. Right?

Go ahead, fill in the blank: Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Sr., Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson? How about Cale Yarborough or David Pearson? Can @KyleBusch achieve such greatness? That’s some pretty tough company.

Well, I don’t think so. I doubt we’ll be comparing him to anyone. Rather, I believe the future will be compared to him.

Pretty bold statement, huh? Maybe.

Right now Joe Gibbs Racing is on their game and Toyota is pretty much out-shining Ford and Chevrolet. Add to the mix the continued chemistry between crew chief Adam Stevens and Busch and it appears that things are lined up pretty well. We also know that we’re playing in a cyclical arena – so, nothing lasts forever. But the big picture looks pretty good.

I didn’t just come to a conclusion based on recent weeks results. I’m not solely relying on mathematics either – the fact that he’s won 147 races across NASCAR’s three National Touring Series. Or even that he’s just 30-years-old.

Having spotted for champions and other great drivers in the sport, I share a different perspective than the casual fan or the ultra-passionate ones who understandably have bias towards their favorites. I’m not the expert here but, I’m pretty confident that I know what I’m looking at and Busch has been described to me as “amazing” and “unbelievable” by some of his fellow competitors who are race winners and Champions.

I think that Kyle Busch was the “real deal” long before the phrase was popularized – and part of an elite group who can back it up. You don’t have to like him — I do — but you’ve got to respect the talent. Not everyone was a fan of Bobby Allison, but he wasn’t inducted to the NASCAR Hall of Fame by winning a popularity vote.

I could get into a whole diatribe on the new Busch family dynamic and it’s influence — but I’ll leave that for someone who’s better at the heart-strings angle than I am.

Our sport is ever-changing. New faces emerge and higher benchmarks are established. That doesn’t mean past accomplishments are ignored or forgotten; it merely states that evolution is alive and well. And that Kyle Busch is at the forefront of the process.

I think that what he does is not just notable, it’s remarkable.

By Mike Calinoff

Over the past twenty-three years, Mike has become a notable figure in the NASCAR community.

As a Spotter, he spent a total of 14 seasons with Matt Kenseth and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in the Monster Energy Cup and XFINITY Series.

All told, at Roush Fenway Racing, he garnered over 40 wins including three Championships and two Daytona 500’s.

At the end of 2013, Mike left Roush Fenway to focus on his companies and stays active in the NASCAR community at many levels.

Mike was a regular guest on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio, featured "act" Speed TV's Trackside Live and makes on occasional cameo on soap operas. (Really?)

He has an affinity for starting new things, such as Popular Speed and 140 BUZZ – a PR, Marketing and Social Media company.

Many 140 BUZZ clients are NASCAR teams, drivers and sponsors and represent many of the most visible brands in NASCAR and other business categories.

Mike is also a Driver Development consultant, where he works with families and drivers around the country to set a career path.

As a stand-up comic Mike is, without a doubt, the funniest guy he knows.

Calinoff lives in Lake Norman, NC

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It’s nice to read an article that isn’t biased by someone carrying a 10-year grudge against Rowdy. I am a huge fan of one of the guys you spotted for, and even though their personalities are as different as night and day, Kyle is indeed the “real deal.” He still needs luck on his side to achieve some of the milestones necessary to be fully appreciated, including the Cup championship(s).

We would not even be talking about Kyle if Nascar did not bend the rules for him. They did not bend them for Denny Hamiln a few years ago. I know if I was the guy that came in 17th I would file a lawsuit against Nascar for breech of contract.

They may have bent a little because he never started the season because of his injury. Regardless, I think it was the right thing to do and no one is giving him anything, he is earning his way up the ladder.

In 2013, you had to be in the top 12 regardless if you had a win or not. Denny failed to get there, NASCAR wasn’t playing favorites with Kyle, the rules are different now. If you’re not a Kyle fan then you probably think differently.

Look up the the meaning of contract. It states both parties enter a agreement with the understanding certain agreed conditions will be met. Contracts maybe written or verbal. Nascar violated their end of the contract.It states all drivers must qualify for all races leading up to the chase.I will not even respond to that child like response you gave. You are a real pro.

Thank you for the lesson on the law, although I deal with contracts every day. If you’re going to refer to NASCAR you need to capitalize it since it’s an acronym (you can look that up since you have the dictionary open)… There are no contracts with NASCAR. There are a set of rules which, as stated in their rulebook, they can change or modify at any time — which they have already demonstrated. Also, you spelled “breach” wrong. You can look that up too while you’re at it.

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